$50,000.00 REWARD

For Information

Mixdown Recording Studios, located at 168 Vernon Avenue, Yonkers, N.Y., 10704 was robbed. $250,000.00 worth of studio equipment was reported stolen to the police.

We are looking for information on exactly how the equipment was stolen, the names of who was involved, how the equipment was transported, and where it is located now. If you only have “a piece of the puzzle”, every little bit helps.

Your identity will be held strictly confidential. You can email the information to: stolenstudio168@gmail.com, or call (914) 200-4472 with your crime tip.

The reward of $50,000.00 will be paid upon: the arrest & conviction of the perpetrator(s) & the return of the stolen studio equipment.

Below is a list of some of the high value equipment to be on the lookout for

  • AVID pro tools hdx system
  • AVID 8x8x16 HD i/o
  • Manley Voxbox
  • Manley massive passive
  • Universal audio 6176 Dual Tube Channel strip
  • Universal audio 2-610
  • Empirical labs distressors
  • Emu sp-1200 limited edition #126
  • Neuman m-149
  • Teletronix la-2a
  • Avalon vt-737
  • Avalon vt-747
  • Vintec x-73
  • Eventide dsp 4000 ultraharmonizer
  • Akai MPC 60
  • Akai MPC 2000
  • Sony c-800 g microphone
  • Minimoog voyager
  • And dozens of other pieces of gear, there is too much to list here.
  • We put the rarest pieces on this list, as they might be easiest to find.